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Questionnaire programme FC - English 2020

Vous êtes invité à participer à une enquête en ligne. Les détails de cette enquête sont :

Pôle SEA, Université de Genève

Questionnaire Programme FC

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Questionnaire programme FC - English 2020

The results of this evaluation will allow those responsible for this program to learn the participants’ viewpoints on their training program. By taking the time to answer these questions, you are contributing to the improvement of continuing educational programs offered by the University of Geneva. Thank you for your contribution.

You are free to give your personal opinion: your answers will be analysed and treated anonymously. 

However, in the case of statements that are criminally reprehensible or violate personal rights (e.g. insulting, slanderous, defamatory, threatening, racist, pornographic, sexist, etc.), the University reserves the right to take the necessary steps to trace the authors.

For each element, please select the box corresponding to your opinion. If you have no opinion on a question, please leave it blank. If a question seems irrelevant to your program, please click on “Not applicable”.

2Information about the program


4Content of the program, and what the program offers


6Teaching methods


My learning was made easier by:


9Teaching evaluation and feedback

10Final Thesis / Project

11General impression

11General impression


To help us improve this program, please be specific in your comments and make improvement suggestions.